Archives - economics and finance seminars

Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
 26.08 Hasler University of Toronto Disagreement and Predictability over the Business Cycle


Bolli  KOF The Impact of Work-Based Education on Personality Skills 
 24.10  Weber Université de Neuchâtel An analysis of willingness to pay for fuel economy in the Swiss car market 
 31.10 Kraehenbuehl Université de Neuchâtel Supply Analysis of the Forestry Industry 
31.10 Bianchi University of Warwick A Dynamic Test of the Conditional CAPM
 07.11  Zhang Université de Neuchâtel

The Impact of Sovereign Wealth Funds Ownership on Corporate Investment 

 21.11 Strobl Frankfurt School of Finance & Management  Transparency and Talent Allocation in Money Management 
28.11 Wagner  University of Zurich Tips and Tells from Managers: How Analysts and the Market Read Between the Lines of Conference Calls
05.12 Mueller   University of Basel  The distributional effects of a revenue-neutral steering tax on
energy: Empirical evidence from Swiss household data 
19.12 Betz & Leu 

University of New South Wales, Sidney

University of Applied Sciences, Zurich

Trading costs in the first phase of the EU ETS: Estimation and explanations - Evidence from CITL data
29.01 Bilinski City University London – Cass Business School Strategic Distortions in Analyst Target Prices in the Presence of Short-Term Institutional Investors
20.02 Graf Université de Neuchâtel Flow-stock imbalances and vulnerability: The case of the European Sovereign Debt Crisis
13.03 Leray Université de Lausanne Systemic perspectives on Material Flow Analysis and Modeling: towards an accounting of Social Practices in household consumption dynamics
20.03 Pérignon HEC Paris The Counterparty Risk Exposure of ETF Investors
26.03 Moraru Université de Neuchâtel Quality versus quantity: The role of mandated IFRS and reporting frequency on financial analysts’ information environment.
27.03 Goncalves Geneva School of Economics and Management, University of Geneva Effects of home care policy on nursing home use in Switzerland
24.04 Chaieb University of Geneva Integration of Sovereign Bonds Markets: Time Variation and Maturity Effects
28.04 Schaeck Lancaster University Management School How does the Eurozone crisis affect securities portfolios?
22.05 Krey Swiss Federal Office of Energy Swiss gas market and the development of a future gas law in Switzerland
26.05 Bregnard Université de Neuchâtel Pension fund governance: The determinants of board of trustees effectiveness of Swiss pension funds
29.05 Bonilla University of Newcastle Beauty Premium and Marriage Premium in a Search Equilibrium: Theory and Evidence
05.06 Chulwoo Han Durham University A Geometric Treatment Of Time Varying Volatilities
12.06 Klinke Université de Neuchâtel Energy Supply Contracting Adoption : Empirical Evidence of Barriers and Drivers on the Swiss Market.
19.06 Chithis Surrey University Turning Lights into Flights: rebound effects from sustainable behaviour and efficiency improvements