Archives - economics and finance seminars

Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
 21.09 Hintermann Basel University Economic coercion in public finance
28.09  Nagy UniNE (IAF) Opening the black box: an analysis of equity hedge fund's performance
05.10 Jakob TEP Energy    Economics of Energy Efficiency
12 .10 Weaver University of Geneva Effet du DRG sur les durées de s é jour et réadmission en Suisse
26 .10 Marami UniNE (IAF) Mandatory hedging and firm value: Evidence from interest rate protection covenant in syndicated loans
02.11 Graf UniNE (IRENE) Feedback Effect and Banking Sector Vulnerability
09.11 Moretti

CFS, Goethe University 

Transparency and Emerging Market Bond Spreads

16.11 Degeorge USI News Dissemination and Investor Attention
23.11 Crivelli University of Geneva

Regionalism and External Protection: Preferences Received Also Matter 

23.11 Valta HEC Paris

Financing investment: The choice between public and private debt 

30.11 Garcia Appendini University of St.Gallen

Creditor incentives under firm financial distress

14.12 Michielsen Tilburg University Energy abundance and trade in energy-intensive industries
17.01 Vahabi Université de Paris

Democracy, Education and the Quality of Government

15.02 Puddu UniNE (IRENE) TARP effect on bank lending behaviour: Evidence from the last financial crisis 
28.02 Graf UniNE (IRENE) P.I.I.G.S countries: common patterns and specific features. Evidence from the European debt crisis
08.03 Moro University of Stirling Life Satisfaction and Air Pollution in Europe
15.03 Ardia Université Laval Implied expected return
22.03 Mura Manchester Business School CEO Gender, Corporate Risk-Taking, and the Efficiency of Capital Allocation
12.04 Charlier University of Savoie Energy-Saving Investments in the Residential Sector: An Econometric Analysis
19.04 Croci Università Cattolica MIlano Do Risk-Taking Incentives Induce CEOs to Invest? New Evidence from Acquisitions 
03.05 Mayordomo Universidad de Navarra Short sales constraints and financial stability: evidence from the Spain 2011 ban
24.05 López Universidad de Navarra Earnings Management and the Use of Available-for-Sale Intruments by Bank Managers 
31.05 Fortunato Unctad Democracy, Education and the Quality of Government