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Date Speaker Institution Presentation Title
30 Sep.  Min UniNE ( IAF) A Consumption-Based Explanation of Momentum Profits
28 Oct. Gogniat UniNE (IRENE) Estimating the Benefits of an Improvement in Water Quality and Flow Regulation: Case study of the Doubs
16 Dec. Blasch ETHZ Demand for voluntary carbon offsetting - A discrete choice experiment among Swiss consumers
24 Feb. Kaminski   Structural Land-Use Analysis of Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change: a Proactive Approach.

09 Mar.

 Vahabi Université de Paris

Violent enforcement, conflictual costs and transaction costs

  1. Appropriation, violent enforcement and transaction costs: a critical survey.
  2. Integrating social conflict into economic theory.
16 Mar.  Olarreaga Université de Genève There Goes Gravity: How eBay Reduces Trade Costs
29 Mar. Schaeck Bangor University Executive Board Composition and Bank Risk Taking

20 Apr.

Vanin Università degli studi di Bologna On the Historical and Geographic Origins of the Sicilian Mafia
27 Apr.  Infante Banca d'Italia A known unknown? Network of firms and access to credit in Italy
30 Apr.  Gross Simon Fraser University Free Mobility with the EU and Immigration of North American Brains to Switzerland: What Consequences?
07 May Vaillancourt  Université de Montréal Le rendement de la scolarité universitaire au Québec: analyse économétrique de micro-données du recensement de 2006 et calcul du taux de rendement interne
11 May Pecoraro Université catholique de Louvain Is there still a wage penalty for being overeducated but well-matched in skills? A panel analysis of a Swiss graduate cohort
15 May Myles Exeter University Behavioral and social approaches to tax evasion
25 May Lupton Paris

Conflits autour des déchets

Previous document is a chapter of the book "Economie des déchets. Une approche institutionnaliste" by Sylvie Lupton

01 Jun. Montoriol Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Firms as Liquidity Providers: Evidence from the 2007-2008 Financial Crisis
22 Jun. Gresse Université Paris-Dauphine Liquidity Benefits from IPO Underpricing: Ownership Dispersion or Information Effect