Collaborations - partnerships

Inter-university partnerships

The Institute of Psychology and Education is a partner of the Doctoral School of Educational Sciences of the University of Geneva (Etudes doctorales romandes en Sciences de l'éducation)and of the doctoral programme on argumentation Argupolis financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation. It is also part of the Doctoral Network in Sociocultural Psychology (CuPsyNet), in partnership with the University of Lausanne as well as other European universities: London School of Economics (UK), University of Aalborg (DK), University of Bath (UK),University of Belgrade (SE), University of Cyprus (CY), University of Copenhagen (DK), and the University of Salento (IT). The Institute of Psychology and Education also collaborates with the University of Berne within the framework of the BENEFRI agreement. It is associated with the LARPSYDIS (Laboratoire de recherche en psychologie des dynamiques intra- et intersubjectives) of the University of Lausanne, which studies how we become selves, the construction of psyche in its cognitive, social, and psycho-affective components, from the perspective of its constitutive dynamics. The Institute also has a research convention with the University of Bologna.

The Institute of Psychology and Education collaborates with numerous European universities through the Erasmus agreements. 

Intra-university partnerships

The Institute of Psychology and Education is an active partner of the House for the Analysis of Social Process (MAPS), an interdisciplinary platform uniting human and social sciences at the University of Neuchatel.

The Institute is also a member of CRIS.

It is one of the partner of the NCCR "On the move: the mobility-migration nexus"

Scientific collaborations

The Institute of Psychology and Education is working with the educational institutions of the Canton of Neuchatel, and more largely of Romandie, both with schools and research institutions, including:

  • The Service of compulsory education of the canton of Neuchâtel

  • The Romand institute for pedagogical research and documentation (IRDP)

  • The Swiss society for education research (SSRE)

  • The federal institute for vocational education and training (IFFP)

  • Schools in the Canton and elsewhere

  • Institutions caring for people with a disability

The Institute also has regular exchanges with the HEP-Bejune, l'Alta Scuola Pedagogica (ASP) in Locarno and the HEP Fribourg.