Participating disciplines

The project brings together five research groups from applied linguistics, education sciences, psychology of work, sociology and speech therapy.

The objectives of the IC-You project call for an approach that integrates findings and methods from different disciplinary backgrounds. Owing to the diverse epistemological traditions in which the contributing disciplines are anchored, our ambition is not to resolve, eliminate or even gloss over likely differences, but rather to explicitly identify and spell out the theoretical and operational implications of these differences and to formulate, on that basis, a conceptually and analytically robust framework that can consequently be brought to bear on the issues under study. 

Accordingly, in order to fruitfully integrate the contributions of the participating disciplines, we have elaborated:
  • a joint conceptualization of key concepts that allows their utilization across the disciplines involved;
  • a joint conceptualization of the interrelation between these concepts;
  • a methodological framework that offers the possibility to study this interrelation across the disciplines and across the empirical settings under investigation.
We see these points as a keystone to interdisciplinary work that builds on the interaction among the disciplines in a way that goes beyond their additive contribution. The disciplines involved in this project are interwoven: The concepts emanating from one feed into the questions posed by the others; the reliance on a joint methodological framework across the different empirical settings is a central element guaranteeing the coherence of the overall project.