Janet Holmes

Janet Holmes is Professor of Linguistics and Director of the Language in the Workplace Project at Victoria University of Wellington. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand. She has published on a wide range of topics including New Zealand English, and language and gender, and on many topics within pragmatics and discourse analysis.  Over the last fifteen years her research has focussed on aspects of workplace discourse.  Her most recent books in this area are Gendered Talk at Work (2006), and Leadership, Discourse, and Ethnicity (2011), the latter co-authored with Meredith Marra and Bernadette Vine. With her research team, she is currently investigating the discourse of skilled migrants as they enter New Zealand workplaces, and analysing the language used on construction sites and in eldercare facilities in order to assist refugees who seek to work in these areas.

Conference: Making transitions: the role of interaction in joining a new Community of Practice, Friday, November 21, 09h15-10h15.