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Publications since 2017

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Sanchez-Vallet  A, Hartmann FE, Marcel T, Croll D. Nature's genetic screens: using genome-wide association studies for effector discovery. Molecular Plant Pathology​. in press.

Hartmann FE, Croll D. Distinct Trajectories of Massive Recent Gene Gains and Losses in Populations of a Microbial Eukaryotic Pathogen. Molecular Biology and Evolution. in press.

Maccagni A, Parisod, P, Grant JR. Phylogeography of the moonwort fern Botrychium lunaria (Ophioglossaceae) based on chloroplast DNA in the Central- European Mountain System. Alpine Botany. in press.

Grossen C, Biebach I, Angelone-Alasaad S, Keller LF, Croll D. Population genomics analyses of European ibex species show lower diversity and higher inbreeding in reintroduced populations. Evolutionary Applications​. in press.

Plissonneau C, Benevenuto J, Mohd-Assaad N, Fouché S, Hartmann FE, Croll D. Using population and comparative genomics to understand the genetic basis of effector-driven fungal pathogen evolution. Frontiers in Plant Science. 8:119.

Palma-Guerrero J, Ma X, Torriani SFF, Zala M, Francisco CS, Hartmann FE, Croll D, McDonald BA. Comparative transcriptome analyses in Zymoseptoria tritici reveal significant differences in gene expression among strains during plant infection. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions. in press.

Zhong Z*, Marcel T*, Hartmann FE, Ma X, Plissonneau C, Zala M, Ducasse A, Confais J, Compain J, Lapalu N, Amselem J, McDonald BA, Croll D**, Palma-Guerrero J**. A small secreted protein in Zymoseptoria tritici is responsible for avirulence on wheat cultivars carrying the Stb6 resistance gene. New Phytologist. in press. *) joint first authors **) joint senior authors.

Kokko H, Chaturvedi A, Croll D, Fischer MC, Guillaume F, Karrenberg S, Kerr B, Rolshausen G, Stapley J. Can evolution supply what ecology demands? Trends in Ecology & Evolution. in press.

Hartmann FE, Sanchez-Vallet  A, McDonald BA, Croll D. A fungal wheat pathogen evolved host specialization by extensive chromosomal rearrangements. The ISME Journal. in press.

Stewart EL, Croll D, Lendenmann MH, Sanchez Vallet A, Hartmann FE, Palma Guerrero J, Ma X, McDonald BA. QTL mapping reveals complex genetic architecture of quantitative virulence in the wheat pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici. Molecular Plant Pathology. in press.

Croll D, McDonald BA. The genetic basis of local adaptation for pathogenic fungi in agricultural ecosystems. Molecular Ecology​. in press.

Kretschmer M, Croll D, Kronstad JW. Chloroplast-associated metabolic functions influence the susceptibility of maize to Ustilago maydis. Molecular Plant Pathology. in press.

Kretschmer M, Croll D, Kronstad JW. Maize susceptibility to Ustilago maydis is influenced by genetic and chemical perturbation of carbohydrate allocation. Molecular Plant Pathology. in press.

Lambie S, Kretschmer M, Croll D, Haslam TM, Kunst L, Klose J, Kronstad JW. The putative phospholipase Lip2 counteracts oxidative damage and influences the virulence of Ustilago maydis. Molecular Plant Pathology. 18(2): 210–221.