Dr. Jason Grant

Research interests

My research focuses on the taxonomy, systematics, speciation, biogeography and natural history of North and South American plants using macro and micro- morphology, and molecular systematics. Currently researched groups include the flowering plant families Gentianaceae (gentians; Macrocarpaea, Symbolanthus), Brassicaceae (Parrya), Bromeliaceae (Alcantarea, Vriesea, and Werauhia), Loganiaceae (Bonyunia), and the fern family Ophioglossaceae (Botrychium). Geographical regions where I largely conduct my research include the Andes in South America (Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia), and Arctic and boreal regions of North America and Asia.

Neotropical studies

Evaluation of historical patterns of speciation of plants in montane South America. Speciation and biogeography are especially important for studying genetic variation by using model organisms to interpret patterns that can be used in the assessment of general biodiversity, and threats that may lead to recommendations for conservation.

Arctic studies

Evaluation of dispersals of plants from Asia to North America. The genus Parrya (Brassicaceae) is primarily distributed in the Himalaya and other mountainous regions of Asia. My studies concentrate on the American radiation. The fern genus Botrychium (Ophioglossaceae) is widely distributed in North America, but is especially speciose in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. In 2002 I described a new species from Alaska, Botrychium alaskense.


Teaching activities

  • Diversité et évolution des plantes
  • Principes de systématique
  • Excursions de floristique


Selected Publications

Grant JR,  2009. A revision of neotropical Bonyunia (Loganiaceae: Antonieae). Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 96: 541-563.

Struwe, L. S. Haag, E. Heiberg, & J.R. Grant. 2009. Andean Speciation and Vicariance in Neotropical Macrocarpaea (Gentianaceae-Helieae). Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 96: 450-469. 

Struwe, L., V. A. Albert, M. F. Calió, C. Frasier, K. B. Lepis, K. G. Mathews, & J. R. Grant. 2009. Evolutionary patterns in neotropical tribe Helieae (Gentianaceae): Evidence from morphology, chloroplast and nuclear DNA sequences. Taxon 58: 479-499.

Grant JR.  2008. De Macrocarpaeae Grisebach (ex Gentianaceis) speciebus novis VIII: Two new species from Ecuador. Harvard Pap. Bot. 13(2): 253-259.

Grant JR.  2007. De Macrocarpaeae Grisebach (ex Gentianaceis) speciebus novis VII: Four new species and two natural hybrids. Harvard Pap. Bot. 11(2): 129-139.

Grant JR, Maas PJM, Struwe L. 2006.Yanomamua araca (Gentianaceae), a new genus and species from Serra do Aracá, and outlier of the Guayana Region in Amazonas, Brazil. Harvard Pap. Bot. 11(1): 29-37.

Grant JR.  2005. De Macrocarpaeae Grisebach (ex Gentianaceis) speciebus novis VI: seed morphology, palynology, an infrageneric classification, and another twenty-three new species, largely from Colombia. Harvard Pap. Bot. 9(2): 305-342.

Grant JR. 2004. De Macrocarpaeae Grisebach (ex Gentianaceis) speciebus novis V: Twenty-three new species largely from Peru, and typification of all species in the genus. Harvard Pap. Bot. 9(1): 11-49.

Till  W,  Grant JR. 2003.Tillandsia francisci, a large new species from the Andes of Venezuela and Colombia.  J. Bromeliad Soc. 53(5): 195-199.

Grant JR,  Weaver RE.  2003. De Macrocarpaeae Grisebach (ex Gentianaceis) speciebus novis IV: Twelve new species of Macrocarpaea (Gentianaceae: Helieae) from Central and South America, and the first report of the presence of a stipule in the family. Harvard Pap. Bot. 8(1): 83-109.

Grant JR, Struwe L.  2003. De Macrocarpaeae Grisebach (ex Gentianaceis) speciebus novis III: Six new species of moon-gentians (Macrocarpaea, Gentianaceae: Helieae) from Parque Nacional Podocarpus, Ecuador. Harvard Pap. Bot. 8(1): 61-81.

Grant JR. 2003. De Macrocarpaeae Grisebach (ex Gentianaceis) Speciebus Novis II: Typification of the Ruiz & Pavon names.  Harvard Pap. Bot. 7(2): 423-436.

Grant JR. 2003. Alcantarea heloisae, a new species from Rio de Janeiro.  Vidalia 1: 31-33.

Wagner WH Jr, Grant JR. 2002. Botrychium alaskense, a new moonwort from the Interior of Alaska.  American Fern J. 92(2): 164-170.

Grant JR, Struwe L. 2001. De Macrocarpaeae Grisebach (ex Gentianaceis) Speciebus Novis I: An introduction to the genus Macrocarpaea and three new species from Colombia, Ecuador, and Guyana.  Harvard Pap. Bot. 5: 489-498.

Grant JR. 2000. Werauhia millennia, a new species for the new millennium.  J. Bromeliad Soc. 50(1): 3-9.

Conti E, Suring E, Boyd D, Jorgensen J, Grant JR, Kelso S. 2000. Phylogenetic relationships and character evolution in Primula L.: The usefulness of ITS sequence data.  Plant Biosystems 134(3): 385-392.

Grant JR. 1999. Florilegium Luctatori Botanico Dedicatum: A Tribute to Lyman B. Smith (1904-1997).  [Tribute Organizer and Associate Editor]  Harvard Pap. Bot. (2): 1-288.

Grant JR, Zijlstra G. 1998. An annotated catalogue of the generic names of the Bromeliaceae. Selbyana 19(1): 91-121.

Grant JR. 1995. The resurrection of Alcantarea and Werauhia, a new genus.  Trop. Subtrop. Pflanzenwelt  91: 1-57.

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