Head of lab



Jacob Koella:

Evolutionary ecology of host-parasite interactions



Technical staff

Olivier Rais


Alfonso Rojas​

PhD students



Antoine Barreaux:

Ecological immunity of mosquitoes


 Jon Hamley:

Co-evolution of mosquito and parasite life-histories:

 theory and experiments


Gael Hauser:

Evolutionary ecology of parasites


Kevin Thiévent:

Interaction between behavioral manipulation by malaria

and the efficacy of insecticides


Michael Zeller:

Impact of environment on co-evolution between hosts

and parasites


Giacomo Zilio:

Co-evolution between mosquitoes and microsporidian

transmission strategies


Masters students

Naiara Losada

Priscille Steiner


Former members


  •  Marek Kwiatkowski (2013-2014)


PhD students

  • Adam Saddler (2012-2013) 

Masters students

  • Philippe Birget (2013)
  • Kevin Thiévent (2013-2014)