Annual PhD students meeting 2017 - Career outlook for PhD graduates in Life & Natural Sciences

29 March 2017

Organizers: Sonia Accossato and Moe Bakhtiari

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The names of the winners of the poster and oral presentation competition!

Oral presentation 1st prize:

  • Mélissa Berthet, University of Neuchatel, “Contextual differences of two alarm call types in titi monkeys”

Oral presentation 2nd prize:

  • Magdalena Albelda Berenguer, University of Neuchatel,  “A biotechnological treatment for the preservation of archaeological waterlogged wood”

Poster 1st prize:

  • Pamela Bruno, University of Neuchatel, “Survey of natural enemies of the Western Corn Rootworm in Central Mexico”

Poster 2nd prize:

  • Clément Duckert, University of Neuchatel, “Molecular and morphological taxonomy of Euglypha – Towards a calibration of the molecular clock”


The theme of this meeting is Career outlook for PhD graduates in Life & Natural Sciences.

We have invited external experts from industries related to the broad research themes being conducted by different research groups involved in our PhD program.

This meeting is a great opportunity to learn about the research and to socialize with your peers within the program.

Content and speakers

  • Dr Dirk Balmer, Syngenta, Switzerland
  • Dr Michael Ilegems, Shire Neuchâtel

ALL new Ph.D. students (or first time participants or who never presented at the annual PhD meeting) have to present their project with a poster.

Abstract form to send before March 5th.

This years’ meeting will comprised:

  • opening talk by the director of the doctoral program Professor Ted Turlings
  • talk sections by PhD students
  • poster presentations
  • talks by two external invited speakers (Dirk Balmer, Syngenta; Michael Ilegems, Shire Neuchâtel)
  • lunch
  • and finally an Apero!

Detailed program (to be announced)

General information

Date : 29 March 2017

Schedule : 9:15 - 17:30 (to be confirmed)

Venue: University of Neuchâtel, Faculté des sciences, Institut de chimie, Avenue de Bellevaux 51, building G

  • Morning session: Grand auditoire de chimie (GGA), ground floor
  • Afternoon session: Petit auditoire de chimie (GPA), basement/sous-sol

ECTS : 0.5 with poster or oral presentation (Scientific activities)

Evaluation : Full attendance and active participation

Information : Please contact the organizers or the doctoral program coordinator Dr Christiane Bobillier

Registration fee : Free for PhD students members of the Interuniversity doctoral program in Organismal biology. CHF 15 for others (including lunch and coffee break).

Travel expenses : For participants of the Interuniversity doctoral program in organismal biology (DP-biol ): see reimbursement conditions



  • The annual meeting is compulsory for all participants of the doctoral program (no registration fee).
    For organisational matters, registration is required.
    It is open to external participants (registration fee CHF 15 to be paid at the registration desk (including lunch and coffee break)

Deadlines :

  • PhD students that should/would like to present a poster / oral presentation are invited to submit the title and abstract using the registration form before March 5th
  • Attendance only: please complete the registration form until March 20th (mandatory for organisational matters). Indicate in the remark field if you request a vegetarian meal

Registration through the web only: closed

Please note the cancellation policy (CHF 20).

If relevant, registration fee must be paid in cash at the registration desk on the first day (no credit card, no checks)