Courses 2014

Title Date Category
Use of microbes in the conservation and restoration of art objects - a joint symposium with CUSO 20 January S
Analysis of whole-genome sequence data - a joint course with CUSO 17-20 February T
Introduction to plant metabolomics 6-7 March T
Scanning electronic microscopy (SEM) 7 & 9 April T
Fundamental and applied protistology 15-16 April T
Methods in animal communication - Calls, gestures and facial expressions 5-6 May T
Annual Ph.D. students meeting 2014 - Ethics in Science 8 May S
Scanning electronic microscopy (SEM) 19 & 21 May T
Workshop on cooperation and cognition - a joint activity with SNF ProDoc 2-3 June S
Making the most out of my research - a hands on workshop 23-24 June C
Field course in environmental microbiology - a joint activity with CUSO 13-18 July T
An introduction to R - in coll. with CUSO 26-29 August T
Population genetic data analysis - in coll. with CUSO 1- 3 Sept (2,5 days) T
Elements of R for genetics and bioinformatics - in coll. with CUSO 3-5 Sept (2,5 days) T
Genomics of the speciation continuum - in coll. with CUSO 4-5 September S
Quantitative genetics - in coll. with CUSO 8-10 Sept (2,5 days) T
Mixed models in quantitative genetics - in coll. with CUSO 10-12 Sept (2,5 days) T
Effective public speaking 16 October C
Scientific writing clinic - a joint course with CUSO 17 Oct, 14 Nov, 5 Dec C
Introduction to chromatography and mass spectrometry for biologists 5-6 November T
Communication between and within plants - a joint course with CUSO 10-11 November S
Valorisation of research through the web 2.0: Wikipedia 18 November C
Write a review, write now! 26 November C

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