Talk of Philipe Schlenker

"Meaning in Signs, in Speach and in Gestures"
by Philipe Schlenker

Workshop on Social Networks

Links to the talks that were presented during the workshop
on AnimalSocial Networks in Behavioural Research
(Neuchâtel, 27 - 28 April 2015)

Julia Lehmann

Ian Couzin

Darren Croft
Cédric Sueur

Andrew King

Cédric Sueur's workshop

Comparative cognition on Facebook

Cognitive Science Community
the first community of mutual assistance in cognitive sciences on facebook in France.
Students, Trainees, PhD students, Post-docs, Scientists :
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The ERC dediced to feature our study on chimpanzees on facebook
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Auf ! Auf !

Klaus Zuberbühler is invited on the TV show Auf ! Auf ! to discuss his research. (his participation starts from the minute 24:35, video in German )

Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen - Auf ! Auf !  

Avis d'expert

Klaus Zuberbühler is invited to speak about primate langage on the RTS. (Video in French)

Avis d'expert

Robert Seyfarth & Dorothy Cheney

Dorothy Cheney & Robert Seyfarth are invited at the University of Neuchâtel to talk about their research on baboons . While Dorothy Cheney explained us the benefits of maintaining good relationships between female baboons, Robert Seyfarth used comparisons between humans and non-humans primates in an attempt to understand the origins of language .

Unfortunately, only the lecture given by Prof. Robert Seyfarth is available.
Origins of Language in the Social Cognition of Monkeys


Please find here some links which will give you more informations about Budongo Conservation Field Station which studies the chimpanzees in Uganda: