Association du corps intermédiaire de la faculté des sciences économiques

FSE Brown Bag Seminar series


Our brown bag seminar seris is starting up again. 

Brown bag seminars are an opportunity to meet your colleagues, learn about what they are working on, and to present your own work in a friendly, informal environment.

We encourage you to come and hear about the PhD research being done across the faculty, and to discuss the ideas, theories and methodologies.

Projects at all stages, from early ideas and conceptualisation to late-stage papers, are welcome. The seminars are between 15 and 30 minutes long, plus discussion time. 

See the Brown Bag Seminar series page for details.

Contact a member of the Committee if you would like to present your work.


Monthly social lunches

Still on hold at the moment, but we're working on it!

ASECO is for all the Corps Intermedière

Would you like to get involved? Do you have event in mind, or would you like to join the committee? If so, get in touch with us!



Committee 2023

Efremenko_Polina.jpgPolina Efremenko
Teaching and Research Assistant, Institute of Financial Analysis



UNINE_FSE_IRENE_benjamin_ignoto_teaser.jpgBenjamin Ignoto
Teaching and Research Assistant, Institute of Economic Research



UNINE_IAF_mazidi_manuel_teaser.jpgManuel Mazidi
Teaching and Research Assistant, Institute of Financial Analysis



UNINE_FSE_IRENE_jannis_stefanopoulos_teaser.jpgJannis Stefanopulos
Teaching and Research Assistant, Institute of Economic Research







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Déjeuner de l'ASECO

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Prochaines dates

  • Annulé jusqu'à prochain avis.