Research and Publications

In the last five years, institute researchers have published on a wide range of topics in linguistics and literature, including: cognitive linguistics; language change; construction grammar; corpus linguistics; Virgil in early modern England; translation and ideology in early modern drama; Shakespeare and Englishness; Shakespeare and Immigration; Mary Wroth’s Urania; Thomas de Quincey and cognitive science; Wordsworth; Thoreau; Anglo-Swiss cultural relations; literature and travel; Romantic cultural relations between Britain and the Continent; contemporary American poetry; Mountains and national identities.

Current research projects include: Clothing and Nakedness in Medieval Texts; Shakespearean Battlefields: the Space of War in Early Modern Drama and on Film; Shakespeare’s Englishes: Shakespeare and the ideology of linguistic practices in Early Modern England; Mary Wroth’s Urania and reading Early Modern Prose Romance; Mountain liberty: British Romanticism and Switzerland; a critical edition of William Coxe’s Travels in Switzerland; Burney, Austen, Edgeworth and Romantic fiction; The Photograph and the Literary text: a Transmedia Hermeneutics; Verb conversions in English.

See also the list of recent "mémoires" in English.