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Workshop: Complex Adpositions in European Languages

06.-07.10.2017, Université de Neuchâtel

The goal of the workshop is to collect and aggregate data about the inventories of complex adpositions in the languages of Europe (e.g. E. in front of, G. aufgrund von, F. à l’aide de, Pt. em vez de, Sp. pese a etc.). The workshop equally focuses on the systems of complex adpositions, their functions, their diachronic development as well as regularities in their formation. Three central questions will guide the discussion:

  1. definition and categorical status of complex adpositions: What criteria are characteristic of complex adpositions in different languages? To which extent are they universal and/or language specific?
  2. morphological and syntactic properties of complex adpositions: Are complex prepositions formed after similar or different schematic patterns in European languages? Are there patterns which are particularly productive?
  3. grammaticalization/ lexicalization of complex adpositions: What are the regularities in the diachronic development of complex adpositions in different languages? Do they coincide into some sort of universal grammaticalization paths?




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