About us

Created in 2003, the Mid-level staff association of the University of Neuchâtel (Association du corps intermédiaire de l’Université de Neuchâtel, ACINE) principally aims to defend the interests of mid-level staff that – according to the Loi sur l’Université – comprises maîtres d’enseignement et de recherche, maîtres d’enseignement, lecturers, maîtres assistantes et maîtres assistants, scientific collaborators, postdocs as well as assistants and doctorant. ACINE is represented in various university bodies and aims to generate contacts and exchange between its members.

ACINE has proved its usefulness as a representative body by ensuring the presence of the intermediary corps in various university bodies, such as the University Assembly, the Faculty Councils, as well as in various Commissions: sustainable development commission, scientific integrity commission, cultural commission, equal opportunities commission and social commission. ACINE is also a member of Actionuni, the Swiss association of researchers representing the young scientists and the associations of the intermediate bodies of most of the universities and the ETH.

Since its creation, we owe it the implementation of a 5th year for assistants, the negotiation and the defense of some of our principles which were crystallized in various regulations and a regular communication with the rectorate.



Dear members

please pay the 2022 suscription (CHF 10) to the ACINE account

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