Tabares Sabrina

Thèse acceptée le 12 novembre 2021

Ph.D. Thesis

Corporate Social Innovation in Hybrid Organisations: Exploring the Case of B Corps in Colombia

My research aims to analyse the role of a type of Hybrid Organisation, the so-called “For-Benefit Hybrid Organisations”, in the particular case of Certified B Corporations (B Corps). The research objective is to provide a broader understanding of Corporate Social Innovation in Colombia through the lenses of B Corps and the process of systemic changes derived from their activities.


My research focuses on the unique context of an emerging economy in Latin America, Colombia, an underexplored setting that offers rich insights into the phenomenon under research. The dissertation is inspired by a plethora of themes that provide a more nuanced understanding of systemic change, such as sustainable development, social innovation, sustainability-driven hybrid business models, and interpreted under the Neo-Institutional Theory lenses. The research was developed through a qualitative design and build on a multiple-case study methodology. In-depth interviews, non-participatory observations, and various virtual and physical secondary sources allowed triangulating the empirical observations.


My research aims to contribute to Sociology and Business & Management and centres in providing answers to the research questions:


  1. What are the business model attributes of B Corps that allow facing the tensions of operating in an emerging economy?
  2. How do Hybrid Organisations in an emerging economy contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals through Corporate Social Innovation?
  3. How does the institutional theory allow interpreting B Corps capacity to pursue systemic change through Corporate Social Innovation?


Collaborator and Associated Institute: Prof. Christian Suter, Supervisor, Institute of Sociology (UniNE)

Funding sources: Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars (ESKAS)

Expected duration: 2018-2021


Research Interests

  • Corporate Social Innovation 
  • Hybrid Business Models
  • Sustainable Business Model
  • Hybrid Organisations
  • Certified B Corporations (B Corps)
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)