Why philosophy ?

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Studying in Neuchâtel

Academic excellence

Demanding, stimulating and rewarding, the formations at our institute are a real challenge. They allow you to give the best of yourself and thus lead to academic excellence. The work of the institute's students is regularly rewarded.



The Institute of Philosophy in Neuchâtel is very active in both research and formation. We regularly organize international conferences, which are opportunities to gain experience in organizing events and to meet researchers at the forefront of the discipline.

The Phink! student association is also dynamic and offers, among other things, events for the general public.



On a human scale, our institute can afford to listen to its students. For example, it is common for courses to be organized following a request from the students. Studying in Neuchâtel guarantees you a tailor-made formation.





Why choose philosophy ?

A relevant discipline

With the advent of the information age, philosophy is more relevant than ever. Economics and politics value those who are able to reason clearly and rigorously about complex problems.  This kind of reasoning is at the heart of philosophical practice.


A long-term investment

Writing fluency, oral expression and the ability to structure one's thoughts are skills universally in demand, whatever your field of activity. There is no better discipline than philosophy to acquire these skills.


By studying philosophy, you will learn how to

  • propose innovative solutions to complex problems ;
  • defend the opposing point of view at least as well as your own ;
  • express yourself clearly and in a structured manner ;
  • explain a complex subject to a non-specialized audience ;
  • read and synthesize difficult texts ;
  • write in natural language while knowing how to formalize your reasoning.


Powerful synergies

A degree in philosophy is an ideal complement to many training courses. Whether you study law, economics, sociology, information science or psychology, mastering the concepts and methods used in philosophy will give you an undeniable advantage.

For example, people with a degree in philosophy are among those who score highest on standardized tests such as the GMAT and GRE.

At the University of Neuchâtel, it is easy to combine philosophy with another discipline, even if it is taught in another faculty. For example, philosophy students can enroll in the Biology branch and the Mathematics branch offered by the Faculty of Science.


Many professional perspectives

In addition to teaching and research, a degree in philosophy is an ideal entry point for many careers, among others :

  • international diplomacy
  • senior public administration
  • business management
  • associations, foundations and NGOs
  • information sciences (libraries, archives, etc.)
  • cultural field (event organization, museum, etc.)
  • publishing world


For international students

Learn French

The University of Neuchâtel offers a linguistic framework allowing non-native speakers to learn or perfect their French. The UniNe Language Center proposes different programs, such as weekly courses, summer school, self-study, compatible with the wishes and availability of the learner.

The Language Center also offers training and learning opportunities for other languages: English, German and Italian.

Swiss scholarships for foreigners

For foreign students holding a Master's degree or a PhD, the Helvetic confederation offers scholarships for excellence for people wishing to pursue their academic career at a university in Switzerland.

Word of graduates

Jamaelle.jpgJämaelle Corrado, coordinator of the "French for All" course

I learned intellectual rigor as well as a love of conceptualization and research. I now have the satisfaction of realizing that the best answers are neither simple nor fixed.



_DSC9698_DxO (1).jpgMarc-André Weber, Asset Management and Business Administration

My philosophy studies in Neuchâtel taught me to look at everything from an original angle, to see everything as I had never seen it before. They gave me freedom of thought and the self-demand that comes with that freedom.



Mathieu.jpgMathieu Racicot, Secondary II teacher

This training allowed me to acquire the necessary credentials to continue my career reorientation. On a personal level, it was extremely motivating and stimulating.



WhatsApp Image 2021-02-08 at 20.00.19.jpegRachel Prêtre, Secondary I teacher

Studying philosophy in Neuchâtel allowed me to organize and synthesize my ideas. The analytical orientation of the institute taught me rigor in research, reflection, writing, argumentation. The teaching is of a very high quality. The professors and collaborators of the institute are accessible and available.