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Our institut is very glad to welcome two professors :

  • Ms Kathrin Koslicki, appointed as Full Professor of Theoretical Philosophy, effective the 1st of August 2020
  • Mr Simon-Pierre Chevarie-Cossette, appointed as Assistant Professor of Practical Philosophy effective the 1st of February 2020


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  • Automn 2020, Research Seminar, R.E.46, Espace Tilo-Frey 1, poster
    • Each talk can be followed online via Zoom.
  • Because of coronavirus, Striving and Doing Worshop is postponed subsequently


Evénements passés

POSTER THE 12TH BIENNIAL COLLECTIVE INTENTIONALITY CONFERENCE 13-16 JULY...Affiche SP 2020 - vignette.jpg (afficheSA2019 modif1)Affiche SA 2019 - vignette.jpg








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Programme des cours 2020-2021

Autumn semester 2020

The teaching schedulde is available here or on Pidho.


Semestre printemps 2021

L'horaire des enseignements de philosophie et de logique peut être téléchargé ici ou consulté sur Pidho.

Master course block SP 2021


29th - 31st of March 2021


Mr. Roberto Casati (CNRS, EHESS) will give this semester a Master course block entitled

Labyrinthes, Boussoles et Cailloux Blancs. La désorientation et ses remèdes