Antoine Taillard

Doctoral assistant, chair of General Philosophy

Office: 2.E.45

Email: antoine.taillard@unine.ch


  • MA in philosophy, University of Neuchâtel
    • Master’s thesis title: "Naturalizing Intentionality: the Causal-Informational View as an Answer to Brentano Problem" [« Naturaliser l’intentionnalité : les théories causales comme réponse au problème de Brentano »]. Advisors: Prof. Julien Deonna & Prof. Richard Glauser
    • Study emphases: contemporary metaphysics (Lewis’s natural properties theory, grounding, truthmaking) and philosophy of mind (mind-body problem)
  • BA in philosophy, anthropology, and French language and literature, University of Neuchâtel
    • Bachelor’s thesis title: "The explanatory gap problem: how to explain what it is like to be a conscious organism" [« Le problème du fossé explicatif : expliquer l’effet que cela fait d’être un organisme conscient »]. Advisor: Prof. Richard Glauser​


  • Metaphysics: fundamentality, natural properties
  • Philosophy of mind: materialist reduction, mind-body problem
  • Free will problem


Current research:
  • Doctoral thesis: The Grounding-Reduction Puzzle (working title). It is plausible that (i) reduction is a kind of grounding. It is also plausible that (ii) the objects of reduction are identical. But since grounding is taken to be irreflexive, it seems (i) and (ii) cannot be true at the same time. Advisor: Prof. Olivier Massin


  • Grounding as Priority. Workshop Basically. Fundamentality & Beyond​, University of Neuchâtel, 11 December 2019
  • Response to Hichem Naar’s "Reasons for Love and the Significance of Encounters" (response). Thumos seminar, University of Geneva, 12 April 2018