Structure and organization of PhD program

Program committee

For the structuring and implementation of the doctoral program, a doctoral program committee is appointed. This program committee consists of the following members:

- The director of the program

Prof. Philip Brunner (UNINE)

- The program coordinator (from 01.2024)

Dr. Qi Tang (UNINE)

- Members of each participating institution

Prof. Daniel Hunkeler, Hydrochemistry and Contaminants (UNINE)

Prof. Pièrre Perrochet, Quantitative Hydrogeology (UNINE)

Prof. assoc. Philippe Renard, Stochastic Hydrogeology (UNINE)

Prof. Steven Miller, Geothermics and Geodynamics (UNINE)

Prof. Benoît Valley, Geothermics and Reservoir Geomechanics (UNINE)

Prof. Mario Schirmer, Contaminant/urban/alpine hydrogeology (EAWAG)

Prof. Joaquin Jimenez-Martinez, Subsurface Environmental Processes (EAWAG)

Prof. Niklas Linde, Hydrogeophysics/Inverse theory (UNIL)

Prof. Gregoire Mariethoz, Geostatistical Algorithms & Image Analysis (UNIL)

Prof. Peter Huggenberger, Hydrogeology/Sedimentology/clastic sediments/urban geology (UNIBAS)

Prof. Bettina Schaefli, Hydrology (UNIBE)

- Ph.D. student representatives

Kalliopi Koutantou (UNINE)

Morgan Peel (UNINE)

Andres Velasquez (EAWAG)

Ishaan Markale (ETHZ)

Fatemeh Zakeri (UNIL)


​Each participating institution delegates one member to the program committee. The PhD student representatives are elected by the participating PhD studentsfor two years (one is from UNINE and one from another institution member). The director of the program and the coordinator are appointed by the committee. The coordinator has a PhD degree.

The committee sets guidelines for the structuring and functioning of the doctoral program, defines the activities of the PhD school, approves the budget and ensures quality control. The committee meets as often as necessary upon invitation by the director of the program (at least once a year). Meetings can also take place upon request of two other members of the committee. Decisions are taken by simple majority voting. In case of parity of votes the vote of the director is decisive.

Role of the coordinator

The coordinator is employed at 15% and has the following tasks:

  • Coordination and support for organizing PhD school activities
  • Monitoring quality control of PhD school activities
  • Monitoring of PhD student participation and acquisition of credits
  • Preparation of committee meetings
  • Reporting to participating institutions and funding bodies

Organization of courses

For each proposed activity, a responsible person from a participating institution is defined. The person prepares a draft program of the activity that is submitted to the program committee and other interested parties for comment. The person organizes the activity in close collaboration with the program coordinator.

Suggestions for course topics are welcome. Please send them to the PhD school coordinator