Programme (30 ECTS)

The semesters 1 and 2 are dedicated to the acquisition of scientific knowledge and professional skills in accordance with the world of work, while developing a citizen sensitivity.

During the semester 3 students apply the learning outcomes either through an internship or a research thesis.

The courses offered cover the main areas of international business management:

SEMESTER 1 - Rising knowledge
Courses ECTS Teachers
International strategy 6 C.Jonczyk-Sédès
Méthodologie de la recherche en management 6 B. Kocher
Marketing and Globalization 6 M.Omeira
Global supply chain management 6 Y. Nieto
Optional courses 6  
TOTAL 30  
SEMESTER 2 - Developing skills
Courses ECTS Teachers
Global Corporate Governance and Ethics 3 J. Duberry
Marketing Analytics 3 NN
International Negotiation 3 K. Jagodzynska
Customer relationship management 3 NN
Global innovation management 6 E. Reuter
Culture, Human Resources and Int'l Firms 3 C. Dal Zotto
Seminar: Doing Research on International Business 3 T. Miedtank
Optional courses 6  
TOTAL 30  
SEMESTER 3 - Experiencing responsibility and empowerment
Practical application of learning outcomes through an internship in a company or a research thesis (30 ECTS)

Optional courses

These courses allow students to deepen their knowledge and reflect upon issues related to innovation, digitalization, sustainability and social impact within a context of international business development.

Degree awarded

Master of Science in International Business Development



90 ECTS, 3 semesters


Teaching language

langue_francais.jpg  French

langue_anglais.jpg  English