Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Admissions

    Is it possible to apply for the Master of Science in International Business Development (MScIBD) with a bachelor in another field than economics (or equivalent) ?
    Candidates with bachelors other than those specified may also be admitted. If their academic background is considered to be insufficient, they can still be admitted to the master, providing that supplementary preliminary courses for the missing theoretical base, in the form of a learning agreement, are taken. Those who have no credits or less thant 30 ECTS in the branches of management, finance, economics, mathematics and statistics have either the possibility of starting a new bachelor in economics or of taking the courses as an auditor. Before being able to give you a personalized answer, you must submit your admission request to the Registration and mobility services office by way of the admission form . For general information on master admission requirements and a list of documents to submit, see here.

    Are there possibilities for transferring ECTS credits?
    May some of the courses which you have already previously taken replace ours? That depends on the courses. It is necessary to submit a request for transfering ECTS points at the same time as the Admission Form:
    see this page.

    When does the MScIBD begin ?
    Our program begins with the Fall semester (mid-September) or with the Spring semester (mid-February).

    When is the registration deadline ?
    April 30th for the Fall Semester.

    November 30th for the Spring Semester.

    Are there any entrance exams ?
    No, there are none.

    What are your language requirements ?
    The program includes mandatory lessons in English and elective can be chosen in French. It is therefore necessary to provide evidence of an active level in English (B2 minimum by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and a passive knowledge in French is an advantage (B1 minimum).
    Non French-speaking prospective students may sign up for specific French courses. These are particularly designed to address the needs of registered and exchange students desiring to expand their language skills and thus enhance their learning experience at the University of Neuchatel. There are no additional fees and the courses are scheduled so as not to conflict with the classes in other faculties. The students can attend 3 class-hours per week including multimedia and laboratory. Regular attendance and successful completion of class requirements entitles the student to earn ECTS credits. For more information on these courses,
    see here.

    Please note that the main language of the university, with regard to administrative and legal matters, is French (administration, regulations, majority of the web pages, etc.).

  • During the Master

    Is it possible, in the course of the MScIBD, to study one semester abroad ?  
    Yes. Under some conditions. see our  Mobility page.

    In which language are given your master  ?
    Mandatory courses are in English. Classes are taught in the language of the course title : see our  course description

    What is the duration of the MScIBD ?  
    3 semesters : Fall, Spring and one additional semester for the internship or research report.

    Is the maximum duration 3 semesters or can one take longer to complete the program ?  
    The MScIBD regulations state that, as a rule, the length of the studies is 3 semesters, with a maximum of 6 semesters allowed.

    Does one have to be present during all courses or can one prepare the work necessary for later evalutations/exams ?  
    One must be present at all courses as some courses have a permanent evaluation process.

    Is it possible to complete an internship before beginning the MScIBD ?  
    No. Only students having acquired 30 ECTS credits in the MScIBD program are allowed to begin an internship.

    Is it possible to follow the master part time ?  
    Yes. But a request should be made by the Academic Advisor for a part time contrat. Request should be duly motivated by either professionnal reasons (with working contract) or family duty or possibly another reason. Moreover, three core courses must be passed in the first attempt in the first semester.

  • Practical matters

    For all information regarding fees, budget, grants, lodging, student services etc., please consult the prospective students pages of the university.


For questions not answered on the prospective student webpages, please contact mscibd@unine.ch