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An asset for your professional future!

The aim of a mobility stay abroad within the framework of an interuniversity echange is to follow courses in the same field of study. Owing to their content and/or their workload, these courses will replace partially or completely those that the student would have followed at the UniNE. The students remain registered at the UniNE during their stay abroad, but they are subjet to the regulations of the host university.

Some (oral and written) knowledge of the language of the host country is necessary. Some host universities require a prerequisite language test (information on the Students mobility website).

As for expenses, students must finance only those that concern travelling, accomodation and pocket money. There is therefore no registration tax in the host university.

Who is it for?

  • Bachelor: having studied for at least two semesters at the UniNE. It is however highly recommended to students of economics and business to go during their 3rd year.
  • Master: from the 2nd semester of the Master, with the exception of the Master in Finance where the mobility stay can only be done from the 3rd semester.


Students doing a mobility stay must register for university programmes up to 30 ECTS (1 semester) for the Masters. For the Bachelor, students may extend their stay up to two semesters.

Application deadline

15 February for the Fall and Spring semesters.



1. Step by step

  • Choose your destination, in Switzerland, in Europe (Erasmus) or another continent (conventions) according to the lists of destinations.
  • Find out about the deadlines regarding the handing in of your application on the Mobility website.
  • Contact the professor responsible for the study programme, present the mobility project, obtain their agreement.
  • Contact the Mobility office who will transmit the checklist, datasheet, admission conditions for an exchange of the host universities.
  • Contact the student advisor for personal information about your curriculum and the conditions that are to be met.
  • Draw up a temporary learning agreement with the student advisor. A definitive version will be established when you receive confirmation of your admission.
  • Hand in your application at the Mobility office within the deadline (all information concerning the application may be found on the Mobility website).

2. You are accepted

  • Your learning agreement must be validated by the student advisor six weeks before your departure at the latest, and you must confirm your departure to the Mobility office.
  • Undertake the administrative steps (visa, transport, accomodation....) and contact the person in charge in the host University about the arrangements concerning your arrival.
  • Register for the courses in the host University.

3. Once there

  • At the beginning of your stay, you may, if necessary, make modifications to your learning agreement (in case a course is cancelled for example) by means of the form called "Changes to original proposed study programme" and make the necessary corrections within a deadline of 3 weeks after the courses have started.
  • You must indicate the modifications, obtain the signatures of the department coordinator and of the international relations of the host institution, sign and send the learning agreement and the modifications to the Mobility office of the University of Neuchâtel. They will then transmit the document to the Faculty of Economics and Business for validation.

4. When you come back

  • Transmit your official academic transcript to the Mobility office and to the student advisor.
  • Check in your academic transcript that the equivalences are consistent.


Student advisement

Faculty of Economics and Business

Office C48

Tel. +41 32 718 1403



Faculty of Economics and Business

Office B29

Av. du 1er-Mars 26

Tel. +41 32 718 1500


Study Exchange Office

University of Neuchâtel

Av. du 1er-Mars 26

Tel. +41 32 718 1012


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