Danilo Bolano

Maître-assistant remplaçant

I am a demographer and social statistician. My main research interest is in life course research and in applying and developing advanced statistical tools to improve understanding of individual behaviors and attitudes. I am interested in identifying and studying the impact of events and circumstances on life trajectories and decision-making process. My work appears in journals in demography, health and ageing and applied statistics.

I am currently Senior Research Fellow at NCCR LIVES at University of Lausanne and Lecturer (Chargé d'enseignement) at the Laboratory for the Study of Social Processes at the University of Neuchâtel. Previously I was Research Fellow in Social Statistics at University of Queensland (Australia).

I hold a PhD in Social Science – Demography awarded at the University of Geneva. My PhD dissertation was around Markov-based models and their application for life course studies. I hold a BA and MSc in Economics and Social Science at Bocconi University (Italy) with a master thesis on a comparative analysis of social norms in Europe.

I worked as quantitative researcher and consultant supporting the activities of public authorities and third sector in planning and evaluating social policies and services and in carrying out social surveys.

Selected publications

Bolano, Danilo, and Bruno Arpino. (2020). Life after death: Widowhood and volunteering gendered pathways among older adults. Demographic Research 43: 581-616.

Bolano, Danilo. (2020). Handling Covariates in Markovian Models with a Mixture Transition Distribution Based Approach. Symmetry 12(4): 558.

Ehsan, Annahita, Danilo Bolano, Sylvie Guillaume-Boeckle, and Dario Spini. (2020). Reducing loneliness in older adults: looking at locals and migrants in a Swiss case study" European Journal of Ageing: 1-12.

Lam, Jack, and Danilo Bolano. (2019). Social and productive activities and health among partnered older adults: A couple-level analysis. Social Science & Medicine 22: 126-133.

Bolano, Danilo, André Berchtold, and Elisabeth Bürge.  (2019). The heterogeneity of disability trajectories in later life: Dynamics of activities of daily living performance among nursing home residents. Journal of aging and health 31(7): 1315-1336.

Bolano, Danilo, and André Berchtold. (2016). General framework and model building in the class of Hidden Mixture Transition Distribution models. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 93: 131-145.


Université de Neuchâtel 
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