Juan Carlos Castillo Quinones

Bénéficiant d'une bourse de la confédération, le titre de sa recherche est :
: "Discourses and Practices of Local Governance in Conflict-ridden Societies: Informal Peace-building Mechanisms, State Formation and Peripherization in Mexico and Kurdistan

The purpose of my project is to contrast the discourses and self-government practices of some indigenous autonomies in Mexico and Kurdistan. In particular, the case of Chiapas in southeastern Mexico and the autonomous project implemented by the Kurds in northern Syria since 2012. The project argues that both autonomies stand out as containment dikes for conflict through the institutionalization of self-government practices and a discursive framework that rests on a notion of radical democracy. The research agenda relies on a historical account of the center-periphery and state-society relationships in both regions to explain the emergence of alternative models of grass-roots democracy. It will thus investigate how peripheral territories can become spaces of peace through understandings of security and justice as collective rights. 

Superviseur : Jordi Tejel