Jean-Thomas Arrighi De Casanova


Jean-Thomas Arrighi de Casanova

Maître d'enseignement et de recherche

Chaire d'histoire contemporaine

Espace Tilo Frey 1

2000 Neuchâtel

Bureau 3.N.04


Réception: sur rendez-vous

Quelques publications

  • Jean-Thomas Arrighi and Dejan Stjepanovic (2019). Migrating Borders: Territorial Rescaling and Citizenship Realignments in Europe. London: Routledge.
  • Jean-Thomas Arrighi (2019). ‘The people, year zero’: Secessionism and citizenship in Scotland and Catalonia. Ethnopolitics, 18 (3), 278 – 297.
  • Jean-Thomas Arrighi and Jean-Michel Lafleur (2019). Where and why can expatriates vote in regional elections? A comparative analysis of regional electoral practices in Europe and North AmericaJournal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 45(4), 517-538.
  • Samuel Schmid, Lorenzo Piccoli, and Jean-Thomas Arrighi (2019). Non-universal suffrage: Measuring electoral inclusion in contemporary democracies. European Political Science.
  • Jean-Thomas Arrighi and Rainer Bauböck (2017). A multilevel puzzle: Migrants’ voting rights in national and local elections. European Journal of Political Research, 56(3), 619-639.
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