CAS in Magistracy

The programme

The Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Magistracy fills a gap in the current Swiss educational market, by teaching and honing skills in magistrates’ various fields of expertise; it offers a practice-focused, interdisciplinary approach, taking into account areas such as company management, psychology and communication sciences.

The brainchild of the Swiss Magistracy Academy, this certificate is jointly delivered by all the Law Faculties of Swiss universities, the Continuing Education Foundation of Swiss Judges, and the Swiss Judges’ Association. The management of the French language programme is entrusted to the University of Neuchâtel’s Faculty of Law, and that of the German language programme to the Faculty of Law at the University of Lucerne.

The CAS in magistracy deals with many different aspects of the profession of magistrate, and entails the following six modules:

  • The judicature
  • Communication
  • Rules of evidence
  • Conflict management
  • Publicity and justice
  • Questions of finance

The programme comprises two exams (each taken after three modules), and the writing of a final paper.


  • acquire and develop the academic and practical skills necessary to the judicial professions;
  • improve the chances of becoming a judge or a clerk of court, thanks to a comprehensive and pioneering training programme;
  • offer further education in fields not yet taught at the University, or not yet taught in detail.

Target audience

  • Magistrates
  • Clerks of court
  • Those interested in a judicial career


Licence or Master of Law degree, as well as at least one year of work experience (excluding internships), not necessarily in the judicial field.

Title awarded

Certificate of Advance Studies (CAS) in Magistracy, 12 ECTS credits

Dates and venues

The programme is offered every two years, and lasts 24 months (starting in January, and lasting until December of the following year). It can be followed by those already in employment. There are six modules, each lasting three days (20 intensive periods from Thursday to Saturday), taking place each quarter.

Four modules of the French curriculum take place at Neuchâtel; at the same time, two modules with German-language participants are hosted in Bienne. While teaching is given in both languages, speakers of both languages can share experiences, and take part in certain activities together.

For the dates of the different modules, see the CAS in Magistracy website


Enrolment fees

CHF 12’000.-


French-speaking Secretariat, Swiss Magistracy Academy
Faculty of Law
Av. du 1er-Mars 26
CH-2000 Neuchâtel
+41 (0)32 718 11 93

Enrolment deadline

Details on the CAS website

Programme dates

Details on the CAS website


france.png  French - Neuchâtel
allemagne.png  German - Lucerne


University of Neuchâtel

Academic coordinator

French-language programme

François Bohnet


Faculty of Law

+41 (0)32 718 12 38

Contact and information

French-speaking Secretariat, Swiss Magistracy Academy

+41 (0)32 718 11 93