Health insurance

Health and accident insurance is mandatory for anyone residing in Switzerland. Students who enrol for an exchange at UniNE should make all the necessary arrangements before arriving in Switzerland.

European students (EU excluding new member countries)

Students with a European health coverage card (EHIC = European Health Insurance Card) are exempt from the mandatory Swiss health and accident insurance.

Students from other countries or students with private insurance

Students who can provide a completed waiver form from their insurance guaranteeing adequate cover whilst in Switzerland (form to be completed) shall also be exempt.

Students should send the original signed copy to the Office cantonal de l'assurance maladie (OCAM), the body which ensures people are legally covered for medical services. A copy should also be sent to the Mobility Office. If the insurance provider cannot fully comply with the requirements set out in the form, the student must take out health insurance with a suitable insurance company.

International insurances are recommended to non-EU student who stay in Switzerland for one semester or a full academic year.

Useful links on : https://www.unine.ch/social/health-insurance -> on the right side of the page (for non EU-EFTA)