Archives - séminaires en économie

Spring 2017

Date Speaker Institution Presentation
02 June Sefi Roth  London School of Economics Do students work Harder if university costs more?
19 May Simon Lüchinger University of Lucerne Tax incentives for reducing energy consumption: an empirical evaluation of Basel's electricity levy
12 May François Maréchal University of Franche-Comté Cancelled
05 May Martin Péclat University of Neuchâtel What drives social contagion in the adoption of solar photovoltaic technology?
28 April François Langot University of Le Mans and Paris School of Economics On Non-linearities in Unemployment
07 April Stéfan Késenne University of Antwerp The Economics of the transfer market in football
24 Mar. Frédéric Robert-Nicoud University of Lausanne The optimal distribution of population across cities
23 Mar. Raju J. Singh World Bank Growth (but not only) is good for the poor.
10 Mar. Winand Emons University of Bern Penalty Structures and Deterrence in a Two-Stage Model:
Experimental Evidence
03 Mar. Hannes Weight University of Basel Assessing the energy security -  A compound



Fall 2016

Date Speaker Institution Presentation
16 Dec. Alain Naef University of Cambridge Does sterilized central bank intervention have long term effects on exchange rates? The case of the British Exchange Equalization Account, 1952-1972
09 Dec. Rafael Lalive University of Lausanne Spatial Search Strategies of Job Seekers and the Role of Unemployment Insurance
02 Dec. Conny Wunsch University of Basel The Role of Risk Taking as Causal Mechanism for Solidarity: Experimental Evidence from Kenya
25 Nov.  Claudia Binder EPFL The Energy Transition - An Integrative Analysis (Paper 1 & Paper 2)
17 Nov. Isabelle Stadelmann University of Bern Why are incentive-based instruments unpopular? Experimental insights on electricity policy acceptance
11 Nov. Sebastien Rausch ETH Zurich Combining Price and Quantity Controls under Partitioned Environmental Regulation
04 Nov. Sarah Lein University of Basel Price and Consumption Responses to Large Exchange-Rate Shocks: Evidence from the Swiss Appreciation
28 Oct. Hannes Schwandt University of Zurich The Lasting Legacy of Seasonal Influenza: In-utero Exposure and Human Capital Development
21 Oct. Josef Zweimueller University of Zurich Severance Pay: Labor Market Responses to the Introduction of Occupational Pensions in Austria
07 Oct. Jackline Wahba University of Southampton

Upward or Downward: Occupational Mobility and Return Migration

30 Sept. Cécile Hediger University of Neuchâtel The Direct and Indirect Rebound Effects for Residential Heating in Switzerland
23 Sept. Bruno Lanz University of Neuchâtel

The Behavioral Effect of Pigovian Regulation: Evidence from a Field Experiment