Franziska Tschan, professeure émérite


Université de Neuchâtel
Institut de Psychologie du Travail et des Organisations
2e étage
Rue Emile-Argand 11
CH - 2000 Neuchâtel
Tél. + 41 32 718 1396
E-mail : franziska.tschan@unine.ch


1998 Habilitation, University of Bern
1990 Ph.D, University of Bern
1985 M.Sc. in Psychology, University of Bern

Professional experience

since 2020 Professor emerita, University of Neuchâtel 
1995-2020 Professor, University of Neuchâtel
before: Postdoctoral researcher, University of Utrecht
  Postdoctoral researcher, University of Pittsburgh
  Postdoctoral researcher, Texas A&M University
  Research assistant & postdoc, University of Bern
  Primary school teacher

Research interests

  • group and team processes and productivity
  • human factors in medicine (Collaboration with the University Hospital Basel, University Hospital of Berne, and the University of Berne)
  • social interactions at work
  • emotion work and emotions at work (project 6 NCCR affective sciences)
  • time in social and organizational psychology

Publications (since 2014)

For a complete publication list, see the profile on ResearchGate

  • * Semmer, N.K., Messerli, L. & Tschan, F. (in press). Disentangling the components of surface acting in emotion work: Experiencing emotions may be as important as regulating them.  Journal of Applied Social Psychology. 
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