Doctoral Studies

Doctoral School in Educational Sciences

The doctoral school on educational science is open to all PhD students whose thesis touch upon educational issues. Addressed to a diversified public, they combine specialisation and more general familiarisation to learning sciences and the disciplines that contribute to it. The more generally aim at:

  • initiating PhD student to academic work
  • perfecting their knowledge of scientific methods
  • stimulating their epistemological reflection
  • broadening their perspective on educational sciences
  • deepening their training in specialised domains

The doctoral school delivers training attestations (with an ECTS credits equivalence). It is organised in collaboration with the three Romande universities, as well as professors and PhD students from German-speaking Switzerland, and last three years. Please note that most events are in French. 

For more information, please contact prof. Tania Zittoun (tania.zittoun@unine.ch) and Antonio Iannaccone (antonio.iannaccone@unine.ch).

Website of the Doctoral School in Educational Sciences (EDSE)

European doctoral network in sociocultural psychology

The purpose of the European doctoral network is to allow young researchers to meet and enter in a community of researchers in sociocultural psychology. Research cannot be alone; meetings, arguing and thinking together, collaborative work is important for mutual training, scientific exchanges and the emergence of new idea. The network thus aims to become a place for developing theoretical, methodological or epistemological knowledge in sociocultural psychology; it will not teach generally shared models, techniques, or soft skills. The doctoral network offers two to three meetings a year, possible associated to a conference or workshop relevant for the network. Partners universities include: University of Lausanne (CH); University of Aalborg (DK); University of Copenhagen (DK); London School of Economic (UK); University of Belgrade (SE); University of Salento (IT); University of Cyprus (CY);University of Bath (UK).