Chiara Bernasconi

Thèse en cours

Sous la direction du Prof. Etienne Piguet

« Migration as a source of adaptation in the context of climate and environmental change in Cuba »
Chiara Bernasconi is currently doing a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Etienne Piguet. Her research interests include mobility and forced migration, climate change and migration policies.
Prior to her doctoral research, she completed a master’s degree in Social Sciences (Migration and Geography) at the University of Neuchâtel, with a MA on climate change migration and adaptation strategies.
Her doctoral thesis focuses on migration and adaptation strategies applied to the Caribbean region, in particular on Cuba. This research is based on qualitative approaches and investigates migration adaptive strategies of households impacted by climate change and extreme environmental events. Migration can be seen as a strategy that could reinforce individuals and communities’ adaptive capacity via remittances, knowledges/skills transmission, transnational ties/practices. Those elements could potentially help mitigate the effects of climate change and environmental stress on households and communities’ livelihoods. In the other hand, this approach could lead to an individualization of the climate change response, with some negative outcomes. The aim of this research is to investigate the gaps and the potential benefits/disadvantages of this specific perspective on climate change and mobility.


  • Travaux pratiques de cartographie (BA)
  • Introduction à la géographie humaine (BA)
  • Migrations forcées (MA)
  • Terrain Urbain (MA)


  • Suivi de mémoires (MA)
  • Expertise d’examens (BA / MA)
  • Gestion du Climig Database



Assistante doctorante
Bureau 2.S.39
Tel : +41(0)32 718 17 93
Mail: chiara.bernasconi@unine.ch