Chiara Bernasconi

Thèse en cours

Sous la direction d’Etienne Piguet

« Mobility, transnational ties and adaptation in the context of climate change : a case study of Cuban coastal communities »

Chiara Bernasconi is presently engaged in doctoral studies under the guidance of Professor Etienne Piguet. Her research interests include mobility and forced migration, climate change, adaptation practices and migration policies.


Preceding her doctoral inquiry, she attained a master's degree in Social Sciences (Migration and Geography) from the University of Neuchâtel. Her master's thesis is centered on the relations between mobility/migration and adaptation strategies in the context of environmental and climatic stress.

The focal point of her doctoral research is the examination of mobility and adaptation strategies within the Caribbean region, with a specific emphasis on Cuba. Increasingly, mobility and migration are being conceptualized as strategic mechanisms fortifying the adaptive capacity of individuals and communities through avenues such as remittances, knowledge transmission, transnational ties, and practices. However, it is imperative to note that this conceptualization may potentially contribute to the individualization of responses to climate change, thereby engendering adverse outcomes.

The research methodology employs qualitative approaches to scrutinize the adaptive strategies of individuals and communities affected by climate change and extreme environmental events. The project is designed to explore three distinct axes of action: preventive strategies implemented in situ by individuals and communities within the framework of a mobile household (Axis 1), reactive migration involving both voluntary and involuntary resettlement (Axis 2), and mobility/migration as a strategy for risk management adaptation (Axis 3). The interactive relationship between preventive strategies in situ (Axis 1) and mobility or migration as a risk management adaptation strategy (Axis 3) constitutes the core focus of the research. The overarching objective is to assess the lacunae and potential advantages/disadvantages inherent in this particular perspective on the intersection of climate change and mobility.


Assistance and teaching assistance

  • Travaux pratiques de cartographie (BA)
  • Introduction à la géographie humaine (BA)
  • Migrations forcées (MA)
  • Terrain Urbain (MA)
  • Suivi de mémoires (MA)
  • Expertise d’examens (BA / MA)
  • Gestion du Climig Database



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