The SFM is the scientific director of the "Social Cohesion and Cultural Pluralism" collection at Seismo, a Zurich publishing house specialized in social sciences.

This collection is
a publication platform for scientific researches dealing with the many dynamics associated with the pluralisation of Swiss society.

Essays on inequality and integration

Franzen, Jann, Joppke, Widmer (eds.), 2016

Freiwilligen-Monitor Schweiz 2016

Markus Freitag ; Anita Manatschal, 2016


Rapport social 2016 : bien-être

Franziska Ehrler, 2016

http://www.amazon.com (2883510741.jpg)

Gesellschaften zwischen Multi- und Transkulturalität

Michael Nollert, 2016

http://www.amazon.com (9783037771518.jpg)

Integration und Abwehr

Esteban Piñeiro, 2015

http://www.amazon.com (3037771496.jpg)




Other publications