Bachelor in political science

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Disclaimer: Study program currently in development. Launch planned for the 2023/2024 academic year.


Among the humanities and social sciences, political science can be characterized by its interest in questions of power. The discipline studies political phenomena in all their diversity, with a particular interest in political institutions (constitutional regimes, electoral systems, nation statespolitical parties, etc.), political processes (political engagement, social movements, public opinion, etc.) and public policies (social, economic, migration related, environmental, etc.). Beyond these three central dimensions, commonly called polity, politics and policy, the discipline also analyzes the politicization of social relations (professional, gender, related to racialization, the ecological challenge, migratory phenomena) and political ideas (around concepts such as democracy or equality and doctrines like liberalism or socialism).



Taught as a minor of 60 ECTS, the political science program at the University of Neuchâtel introduces students to the discipline and its main sub-fields (the study of public policy, comparative politics, political economy, political sociology) and its main methods of investigation (qualitative and quantitative).

A seminar specifically geared towards research allows students to deepen their knowledge of political sociology and to apply their theoretical and methodological expertise while conducting their own original and autonomous research project.

The rest of the program consists of courses and seminars of specialization, which students can choose from a wide range of courses within the FLSH, in other faculties (law, economics), and on mobility (BeNeFri program, Triangle Azur) during the second and third year.


Within the framework of a 180 ECTS Bachelor's degree in Humanities, the 60 ECTS Political Science program can be combined with one or two other disciplines at the FLSH. At the time of registration, the student chooses one of the three possible configurations:

  • 1 reinforced major (pilier renforcé) + 1 minor (120 + 60 credits)
  • 3 minors (60 + 60 + 60 credits)
  • 1 major + 1 minor + 1 secondary minor (pilier minimal)  (90 + 60 + 30 credits)

The training in political science at the University of Neuchâtel stands out by its affirmation of the singularity of the discipline, while simultaneously recognizing its close links with the other social sciences and humanities. It therefore lends itself perfectly to a combination with one or several other disciplines in humanities or social sciences.

This program is intended primarily for persons who are interested in various activities in the public service sector, NGOs and international organizations, public and political relations (e.g. political parties), communication, the media, etc. It allows the acquisition of theoretical, analytical and critical skills.


Program lead

Anita Manatschal


+41 (0)32 718 3965

Secretariat SFM


+41 32 718 39 20