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What you need to know

For complete details of the programme, please refer to the Directive concerning the study plan of the MScF (from the academic year 2020-2021 onwards).

MSc in Finance (90 ECTS)

To obtain a MSc in Finance (90 ECTS) all students need to acquire 60 ECTS in mandatory (M) and 30 ECTS in elective (E) courses.

MSc in Finance (120 ECTS)

To obtain a MSc in Finance (120 ECTS), students have to meet the criteria of the MSc in Finance (90 ECTS) and they must validate the Master thesis (30 ECTS).

To obtain a MSc in Finance with Data Science Major (120 ECTS), students must acquire 57 ECTS in mandatory courses of the MSc in Finance (90 ECTS) programme (M); 33 ECTS in elective courses (E); and 30 ECTS in mandatory courses in the Data Science track (DS-M).

Enhanced programme

The deadline to give the Enhanced programme registration form to Kira Facchinetti is 11 December 2020 at the latest.


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