Welcome to the Time and Frequency Laboratory


The Time and Frequency Laboratory constitutes one of the nine key areas of research and innovation of the University of Neuchâtel. The Time-Frequency and Optical Metrology Centre explores and pushes the frontiers in time measurements, photonics, and metrology.

Mission statement

The LTF’s mission is to explore and push the frontiers in time and frequency research, optical metrology, and ultrafast science and technology.

LTF also contributes Switzerland to join in a near future the limited number of countries that actively participate to the definition of the international atomic time TAI with primary frequency standards, with the development of the unique atomic fountain clock FOCS-2 that operates with a continuous beam of cold cesium atoms.

Key competences

LTF’s key competences to achieve its research objectives are:

  • Ultrafast lasers development and analysis
  • Various frequency combs systems
  • State-of-the-art ion beam sputtering (IBS) machine for custom optics fabrication
  • Cold atoms
  • Noise/stability analysis for microwave/optical oscillators
  • Stabilisation of microwave/optical oscillators
  • Vapour cells manufacturing and characterisation
  • CPT and double resonance spectroscopy in alkali vapour cells
  • Vapour cells atomic clocks
  • Time & Frequency metrology
  • State-of-the-art reference H-maser

Last update: November 23, 2020


28.06 - 02.07.2021 : The 9th European Frequency and Time Seminar, Besançon (France)


17.10.2020 : Débat...21e siècle, quel sens pour nos cinq sens ? ADN, théâtre du passage, with the participation of Prof. Thomas Südmeyer



European Navigation Conference ENC 2020, 22-25 November 2020, Dresden, Germany.



10.11.2020 : Neuchâtel, Capitale mondiale de la mesure du temps, RTS couleurs locales


08.09.2020 : Precision Timing in Navigation, organised by ION-CH in collaboration with IEEE AES, the Time and Frequency Laboratory (LTF) et CSEM



Prof. Gaetano Mileti (LTF)


Dr. Christoph Affolderbach (LTF)


Etienne Batori, PhD (LTF)


Observatoire cantonal de Neuchâtel





04.03.2020 : L'Université de Neuchâtel au défi de créer une horloge atomique miniaturisée (RTS le 19:30, 04.03.2020)


03.03.2020 : Horloges pour l'espace : nouveau contrat de haut vol


01.02.2020 : Gaetano Mileti, horloger de l'espace, Journal Arcinfo


22.01.2020 : Come misurare il tempo oggi ? Interview of Professor Gaetano Mileti, Rete Uno


16.12.2019 : Réflexions et débat autour de la précision horlogère, MIH, La Chaux-de-Fonds


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Photos de M. Pierre-W. Henry


14.11.2019 : L'Institut de Physique a participé à la journée Futur en tous genres, Institut de Physique (LTF), Neuchâtel