Research projects

Current projects

2022-2026. Unravelling plant chemical and functional trait variation across environments. see her

2024-2027. Biological control of the fall armyworm with entomopathogenic nematodes for enhanced food security in Africa. see here

2023-2027. Urban soils and ecosystem services in cities: assessing the potential for water and heat regulation. URBA-SOIL

2019-2026. Terres Vivantes - Projet d’Utilisation Durable des Ressources Naturelles. Terres Vivantes

Previous projects

2018-2022. From fundamental questions to practical conservation actions: a study of the pollination system, population genetics and mycorrhizal associations in Cypripedium calceolus (Orchidaceae).

2019-2022. Microbe-induced Resistance to Agricultural Pests (MIRA project)

2017-2020. Ecology and evolution of olfactory signalling in the deceptive pollination of Arum maculatum: mimicry and local adaptation.

2015-2019. Plant-microbe-insect interactions along elevation gradients.

2015-2019. Impacts of management strategies on soil quality indicators and below ground diversity in urban gardens of Zurich. SINERGIA project.

2015-2018. Attracting bodyguards: testing macro-evolutionary trends of belowground plant indirect defenses and effects on plant fitness. FNS funding.

2014-2018. Ecosystem engineers' contribution to soil structure formation in floodplains - FloodSTRESS. FNS funding.

2012-2015. Effect of climate on coarse woody debris decay dynamics and incorporation into the soils of forested Alpine areas -DecAlp. FNS-DACH international project (Germany, Autria, Italy and Switzerland).