Functional ecology laboratory

Welcome to the LEF!

Our vision is to advance knowledge, prediction, and mitigation of climate change and biodiversity loss within natural and agricultural ecosystems. We focus on the intricate relationships between plants, microbes, and (in)vertebrates, both in the soil and aboveground. Through a blend of conceptual and experimental research, spanning from evolutionary adaptations to community dynamics and ecosystem processes, we aim to deepen our understanding of these interactions. Our ultimate goal is to apply this knowledge to foster the sustainability of life on Earth.

Our objective is to address several unanswered questions relating to:

  • The ecology and evolution species interaction, with strong emphasis on plant-herbivore-predator interaction, community ecology along climatic gradients, and eco-metabolomics research
  • Soil sciences, including aspects of soil formation (pedogenesis), soil ecology, humus forms, soil organisms and organic matter recycling
  • Agroecology, particularly focusing on pest control through plant defense mechanisms and plant-microbe interactions. In addition, our laboratory has built an international partnership with the institute of Environmental Processes and Pollution Control (Jiangnan University, Chine) for addressing the beneficial effects of engineered nanoparticles on crop yield and pest control
  • Conservation biology, particularly focusing on conservation approaches that combine monitoring and species interactions.

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