Silvia Russo

Silvia Russo



  Phd student

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2019 - 2022 : Marie Skłodowska-Curie PhD Fellow “ITN-CHANGE”. PhD student at the University of Neuchâtel

2016 - 2018 : Master in Conservation Sciences of Cultural Goods at Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy as part of the Erasmus Mundus Master Program in ARCHaeological MATerial Science (ARCHMAT).

2016: Specialization Course in Engineering for Musical Instruments at Università Politecnica delle Marche , Faculty of Engineering, Ancona (Italy)

2007 - 2015 : Bachelor in Chemistry at Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy


Professional experience

2019 - 2020 : Marie Skłodowska-Curie PhD Fellow “ITN-CHANGE”. Doctoral thesis at Haute Ecole Arc Conservation-Restauration (Neuchâtel, Switzerland) https://change-itn.eu/about/people/fellows/esr11-silvia-russo/ (Prof. Edith Joseph, Dr. Laura Brambilla)

“ Analysis and assessment of degradation of polychrome metal artworks ”


2019  (9 months): Research Fellow at Università degli studi dell'Aquila (Italy), Faculty of Physical and Chemical Sciences; development of nanostructured restoration treatments for the conservation of metal and stone artworks (Prof. Nicoletta Spreti, Dr. Cinzia Casieri)


2018 (6 months): Master's thesis at Università Cà Foscari di Venezia (Italy), at the Department of Environmental Science, Informatics and Statistics (Prof. Elisabetta Zendri, Dr. Eleonora Balliana) and at Sapienza Università di Roma , Department of Chemistry (Prof.Stefania Panero)

“Investigating and preserving archaeological metal finds from Aquileia and Torcello (Italy)”


2017 (6 mois): Stage at the Department of Scientific Research of the British Museum (UK) – Dr. Aude Mongiatti; characterization of corrosion products in the metal reference collection through XRF and XRD.


2016 (12 mois): Stage at the Soprintendenza Archeologia delle Marche (Ancona, Italie) (Dr. Fabio Milazzo) and the Soprintendenza Capitolina (Rome, Italie) (Arianna Guarini). Eligible for funding for the project titled “Preserving the cultural heritage. Experiences of analysis of the state of preservation of metal objects".


2015 (4 mois): Bachelor thesis project at the Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione ed il Restauro (ISCR) (Dr. Fabio Talarico) and Sapienza Università di Roma, Departmnet of Chemistry (Prof. Armandodoriano Bianco, Prof. Marcella Guiso)

“Characterization of yellow pigment for artistic use”


2012 – 2015 : Restoration of books and prints, archaeological objects, stone, tapestry and wooden furniture. Independent contractor.