Lidia Mathys-Paganuzzi

Lab technician

Telephone : +41 32 718 24 75


Swiss citizen, born on April 12th


Functions and responsabilities

Lidia Mathys-Paganuzzi has been involved since 1992 in various research projects within differents laboratories of the University of Neuchâtel: soil and vegetation (LSV) and microbiology (LAMUN). She also contributed in students and apprentices supervision and laboratories management, specially with the LSV. She is currently actively working on the CTI research project “Biopatin, protection or aesthetic for copper alloy object”. She is in charge of the LAMUN mycothec.



  • Physico-chemical analyses of water and soil samples.
  • Field knowledge.
  • Culture media preparation.
  • Fungi strains culture.
  • Analytical methods optimization.
  • Biotechnologic processes optimization.