Prof. Claudia Jonczyk Sédès, PhD, HDR

  • Professor of Strategic Management
  • Director of the Institute of Management      


University of Neuchâtel

Rue A.-L. Breguet 2

CH-2000 Neuchâtel

e-mail : claudia.jonczyk@unine.ch

Tel. : ++41 (0)32 718 14 70


Office no. R 166



Claudia Jonczyk Sédès holds the Chair of Strategic Management at the Faculty of Economics and Business since 2018 and is the current Director of the Institute of Management. In her current research, she studies social capital and networks as well as question of identity adaptation of expatriates and how service professionals manage their careers. Her research has been published in leading academic journals such as the Academy of Management Journal and Organization Science as well as in practitioner outlets and case studies. Professor Jonczyk occupies or has occupied various positions at the University of Neuchâtel such as Vice-Dean of Faculty and Director of the Master in International Business Development. 

Before joining the University of Neuchâtel, Claudia Jonczyk has been a Professor of Management at ESCP Europe's London campus and a visiting researcher at INSEAD. She teaches a variety of classes in the field of organisation studies and theory, strategy, change management and international management to Bachelor, Master and MBA as well as executives. Professor Jonczyk has also taught at the University of Geneva, Switzerland and HEC Paris.

Professor Jonczyk holds a PhD from the University of Geneva and a Master from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. She was a visiting research fellow at MIT’s Sloan School in Cambridge where she worked on the topics of knowledge management and organizational learning in high-risk industries. 

She has previously worked as a strategy consultant for LEK Consulting in Germany and the UK and for Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Switzerland.

Areas of expertise

  • Networks and networking strategies
  • Configurational approaches to networking
  • Social capital dynamics
  • Networks and agency
  • Organizational learning and knowledge management
  • Externalization of implicit knowledge
  • Diversity research
  • Homophily and networks
  • Cross-country comparisons of female managers’ career paths

Selected publications

  • Barbulescu, R., Jonczyk, C., Galunic, C., & Bensaou, B., 2022, Management of fortuity: Workplace chance events and the career projections of up-or-out professionals, Journal of Vocational Behaviorforthcoming, DOI: 10.1016/j.jvb.2022.103791
  • Jonczyk Sédès, Mietdank, T., & Oliver, D., 2022, Suddenly I felt like a migrant: Identity and mobility threats facing European self-initiated expatriates in the UK under Brexit, Academy of Management Discoveries, forthcoming, DOI: 10.5465/amd.2020.0162
  • Lamb, P., Darouichi, O., & Jonczyk Sédès, C., 2022., The performance of international small and medium-sized enterprises: Overview and future research directions, Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, forthcoming, DOI: 10.1002/cjas.1674
  • Lamb, P., Darouichi, O., & Jonczyk Sédès, C., 2022, L’internationalisation et la performance des PMEs: Vers un modèle intégrateur, Revue Canadienne des Sciences de l’Administration, forthcoming, DOI: 10.1002/cjas.1675
  • Kastanakis, M., Robinson, S., Tsalavoutas, Y., Fernando, M., Jonczyk, C., 2019, Making a difference: Thoughts on management scholarship, European Management Journal, 37(3): 245-250.
  • Galunic, Jonczyk Sédès, C. & Bensaou, B., 2018. Vous n’aimez pas réseauter? Vous n’êtes pas le seul, Harvard Business Review France, Février-Mars: 12.
  •  Jonczyk, C., Lee, Y., Galunic, C., & Bensaou, B., 2016. Relational changes during role transitions: The interplay of efficiency and cohesion, Academy of Management Journal, 59(3): 956-982.
  • Bensaou, B., Galunic, C., & Jonczyk, C., 2014. Players and purists: Networking strategies and agency of service professionals, Organization Science, 25: 29-56.
  • Galunic, C., Jonczyk, C., Lee, Y., & Bensaou, B., 2012. Tie loss and tie gain: Trust & efficiency during management transitions, Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings.


Professional experience

  • Professor of Strategic Management at University of Neuchâtel
  • Professor of Management at ESCP Europe's London campus
  • Visiting researcher at INSEAD
  • Teaches a variety of classes in the field of organisation studies and theory, strategy, change management and international management to Bachelor, Master and MBA as well as executives
  • University of Geneva, Switzerland
  • ​HEC Paris
  • Visiting research fellow at MIT’s Sloan School in Cambridge
  • Strategy consultant for LEK Consulting in Germany and the UK
  • Strategy consultant Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Switzerland.



  • Management
  • Strategic Management


  • Business Game
  • International Strategy
  • Strategic Management

PhD Supervision

  • Yao Ma
  • Anaxamène Dimitriades


Previous teachings

  • Undergraduate:

Stratégies de l'entreprise, BA, Université de Neuchâtel (2018-2021)

Introduction to European Business, BA, ESCP Europe (2015-2018)
Foundations of Management, BA, ESCP Europe (2004-2006)
Management & Organisation: Case seminar, in French, HEC Geneva, 1998-1999
Understanding and Managing Change, in French, HEC Geneva, 1998-1999
Research methods tutoring, ESCP Europe (2005-2006)

  • Master in Management/Specialised Master/Full-time MBA:

Organisation & Management, MIM, ESCP Europe, 2005-2018
Leadership and Change management, MEB, ESCP Europe, 2015-2018
Strategy simulation, MIM, ESCP Europe, 2012-2018
Research Methods, MIM, ESCP Europe, 2015-2018
Organization Studies, MBA, SIMT, 2002-2007
Change Management, MBA, SIMT, 2002-2007
Organizational Learning & Knowledge Management, MBA tutor, HEC Geneva, 1998-1999
Theories of Organisations and Corporate Development, in French, MA, HEC Geneva, 1999
Organizational Theory, Specialised Master, ESCP Europe, 2006-2018
Consulting projects: Supervision of projects with focus on strategy, entrepreneurship and management, ESCP Europe (2005-2008, 2011-2018)

  • EMBA and Executive Education:

Levers of competitive advantage: High performance teams in creative industries, LVMH Executive Program, ESCP Europe, 2017
Management & Organization, NATO Executive Program, ESCP Europe, 2016-2018
Change Management: From strategy to implementation, NATO Executive Program, ESCP Europe, 2016-2018
Organization & Strategy, ESCP Europe, EMBA, 2009-2012
Managing Organizational Change, EMBA, SIMT, 2005-2007
Strategic Assessment of SMEs, in French, UBS, 1999-2000
Project Management, in French, UBS, 1998
Strategy Development and System Dynamics, in French and German, Swiss Federal Railways SBB/CFF, 1998-1999
Knowledge Management, in French, Geneva Cantonal Bank, 1999
Action Learning Program on Change Management, in German, Swiss Courses of Management (Schweizer Kurse für Unternehmensführung, SKU), 1998-1999
Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management, in German, Swiss Post, 1998

  • PhD program (Paris campus): Social capital and network research, 2015-2018

PhD student supervision: Lara Bertola (Paris campus)