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Learn French in a different way in Switzerland. At the Summer course of the University of Neuchâtel, we teach French since 125 years with passion and heart.

  • Our Practical French courses (two or four weeks) are open to everybody.
  • No special diploma or level requested
  • As a student, attend our “Academic writing” specialized module to increase your ability to write in an academic context
  • As a teacher, improve your daily practice by attend our “Teaching French as a foreign language” specialized module



The health of all is our priority !

The COVID-19 crisis forces us to cancel the 2020 edition of our Summer Course,

much to our regret.

However, we are already preparing the 2021 Summer Course for you !

Keep yourself informed and take care of yourself.


Detailed program

  • your advantages
    • Cultural wealth spanning from La Tène civilisation to the best in modern architecture (Botta, Le Corbusier);
    • Discover the region;
    • A 125-year experience in teaching French as a foreign language;
    • Matchless hourly fee of (less than) CHF 13.-;
    • In close proximity and with direct access to teaching and administrative staff: a team which is there for you;
    • Flexibility in the duration and possibility to add on (two first weeks, two last weeks or the four weeks) .
  • Practical French course 1 (8-19 July 2019)
    • French through songs
    • Swiss cultures option
    • Theatrical expression and improvisation option
    • Interaction and persuasion

    Specialisation (a): French in communication > details (for advanced students)

    Specialisation (b): Language and culture > details

  • Practical French course 2 (22 July - 2 August 2019)
    • Swiss cultures option
    • Theatrical expression and improvisation option
    • French through songs
    • Interaction and persuasion

    Specialisation (c): French and new media > details

    Specialisation (d): Writing in daily life > details  or (same time):

    Specialisation (e): Language and culture > details

  • Specialised modules (19 July - 2 August 2019)

    Module 1: Teaching French as a foreign language > details
    Module 2: Academic writing > details

Level test

Check your level online with our test and enter the result in the registration form.

(Recommandation: do the test without help, just out of your current knowledge. Don't try to find all the answers - show us what your real level is)

Registration 2019

Use the online form to register to the 127th Summer course for French as a foreign language

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