Nathalie Tissot

  • Vice-rector, "Research Development" 2008-2012
  • Professor of Intellectual Property and Evaluating Intellectual Property Rights
  • Doctor of Law, lawyer
  • [PI]2 co-founder and member of the [PI]2’s steering committee
  • Teaching:
    • Intellectual Property (Master’s course)
    • Evaluating Intellectual Property Rights (Master’s course)


Daniel Kraus

  • Professor, Holder of the Chair in Innovation Law
  • Doctor of Law, lawyer
  • Co-founder and director of the [PI]2
  • Teaching:
    • Biotechnology and the Legal Environment of the Life Sciences (Master’s course)
    • European Intellectual Property Law (Master’s course)
    • General Principles of Intellectual Property (Bachelor’s course)
    • Themed seminar (Master’s course)
    • Health Law (Faculty of Science, Bachelor’s course)
    • Introduction to MICS (Faculty of Science, Bachelor’s course)

Vincent Salvadé

  • Associate Professor
  • Doctor of Law
  • [PI]2 co-founder and steering committee member [PI]2
  • Teaching:
    • Intellectual Property and Information and Communication Technology (Master’s course)

Olivier Hari 

  • Full Professor
  • Doctor of Law, lawyer
  • Member of the [PI]2’s steering committee
  • Teaching:
    • Corporate Law (Bachelor’s course)
    • Components of Commercial Law (Bachelor’s course)
    • Business mergers, acquisitions and restructuring (Master’s course)
    • Company finance and financial markets (Master’s course)
    • Themed seminar in relation to Business and Corporate Law (Master’s course)

Thierry Obrist

  • Professor
  • Doctor of Law, lawyer
  • Member of the [PI]2’s steering committee
  • Teaching:
    • Swiss Fiscal Law (Bachelor’s course)
    • Advanced Taxation (Master’s course)
    • Themed seminar: Taxation of Trusts (Master’s course)

Hugues Jeannerat

  • Professor
  • N.N. Doctoral assistant (Business and Corporate Law)
    + 41 32 718 19 88
    Office 108