Press release by the University of Neuchâtel

The University of Neuchâtel published a press release 'Le moyen Orient à la lumière de ses frontières' with a video interview with Jordi Tejel about the recently published edited volume 'Regimes of Mobility: Borders and State formation in the Middle East, 1918-1946'. Link

Book publication

'Regimes of Mobility: Borders and State formation in the Middle East, 1918-1946', edited by Jordi Tejel and Ramazan Hakkı Öztan and published in January 2022 by Edinburgh University Press presents one of the most important outcomes of our research project (BORDER).

It features different papers from the workshop of the same title which we held in October 2019 in Neuchâtel, as well as a foreword by Reşat Kasaba and an afterword by Cyrus Schayegh.

Find here the link to the Open Access edition.

Echoes in the media about the project

César Jaquier published an article bringing the topic of the 'origins of border circumvention in the Levant' to a wider public. French version / English version

The scientific journal 'en Direct' published an interview with Prof. Jordi Tejel on the ERC project 'Towards a decentred History of the Middle East'. PDF

Special issue

We just published a special issue titled "Forced Migration and Refugeedom in the Modern Middle East," featuring papers from the workshop we held back in October 2018. PDF/Cover 

Book reviews

  • By Jordi Tejel: Harriet Allsopp and Wladimir van Wilgenburg, The Kurds of Northern Syria: Governance, Diversity and Conflict (IB Tauris 2019). PDF link
  • By Ramazan Hakkı Öztan: Onur Atalay, 'Türk’e Tapmak: Seküler Din ve İki Savaş Arası Kemalizm', Journal of the Ottoman and Turkish Studies Association, 6:2, Fall 2019, pp.183-85 PDF
  • By Ramazan Hakkı Öztan: Michael Provence, The Last Ottoman Generation and the Making of the Modern Middle East (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017). PDF


  • César Jaquier: 'Carnet de route', Atelier création de podcasts link