Enrique Lara

I am interested in ecology, diversity, biogeography and evolution of microbial eukaryotes in general, using from classical culture/morphological approaches to molecular phylogenetics /-omics and environmental DNA surveys in terrestrial, freshwater and marine systems. My pet group is the testate amoebae, a polyphyletic group of (very beautiful) amoeboid protists for which virtually nothing is known about their evolution, ecology and lifestyle. I am particularly interested in their micro-evolution to understand how their immense diversity is generated (how do protist speciate?). A related question is also which forces are driving the composition of their communities. I am basically using these questions to understand how far ecology and evolution follow the same rules in micro- and macro-organisms.




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* authors contributed equally to the work

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* authors contributed equally to the work

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* authors contributed equally to the work

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