Christophe Seppey

I started my PhD thesis in august 2013 and work on the diversity of soil micro-eukaryots studied by metabarcoding. This technique consists to analyse taxonomically informative DNA fragments found in the soil. We use high throughput sequencing which give many tenth of thousand of sequences by samples which are then analysed by bioinformatics tools. We have in the laboratory samples which touch many environments (mountain, crops, forest, meadow, peatland, floodplain) and different subjects (climatic changes, forensic experiment).

On thoses type of data, I already did my master thesis on the reaction of euglyphids testate amoebae to a cadaver. That study showed that those micro-organisms were generaly negatively affected by stress brought by a cadaver but also that certain rare groups benefits from the conditions after a certain time laps.


Academic formation

2013 -

PhD ès Science in Biology at the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland (Laboratory of Soil bioDiversity)

2011 - 2013

Master ès Sciences in Biogeosciences from the Universities of Neuchâtel and Lausanne, Switzerland (Soil Biology Laboratory, Unine)

2007 - 2011

Bachelor ès Sciences in Biology from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland

2004 - 2006

Diplôme d'Études Collegiale in Natural Sciences from the Collège de Valleyfield, Canada