BA program

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Our Bachelor (BA) Program in English has been designed to prepare students for an advanced degree (MA or HEP). It is comparable to English Bachelor programs at other universities in Switzerland, Great Britain and the United States. Students for whom English is a specialized primary branch are able to acquire more specialization and to pursue individual interests. These might include receiving credits to study abroad, to follow cross-disciplinary courses or a professional internship.

For the Plan d'études du Bachelor en Anglais, click here.

English may be followed:

1. as a specialized primary branch (120 ECTS, pilier renforcé)

2. as a primary branch (90 ECTS, pilier principal)

3. as a secondary branch (60 ECTS, pilier secondaire)

4. as a minimal branch (30 ECTS, pilier minimal)

Coursework for all students enrolled in the BA program begins with a core sequence of gateway courses (Language, Literature, and Linguistics) which introduce them to the methods and concepts in different fields of English studies, improve their language, writing and critical thinking skills, and give them the necessary tools to teach English as a second language. In the Language module, students have the option of studying English abroad, outside the academic year.

In the second and third year, students acquire more specialized knowledge in four fields (Advanced Linguistics, Medieval English literature, Early Modern English Literature and Modern and Contemporary Literature in English) and apply the skills learned in their first year. They are required to follow the lecture course in each of these four fields and to take an oral or written exam at the end of it. Students may take the lecture courses in any order over the two years. They can also choose elective courses in any of the given fields.

For the exam reading lists in Medieval, and Modern and Contemporary Literature, click here.

Students studying English as a specialized primary branch may follow more elective courses as well as outside courses to fulfill the requirements. They have the choice between following cross-disciplinary courses (cours transversal), receiving credits for a professional or research internship, or improving their English with a language stay abroad. Note that students cannot obtain credit twice for the language stay abroad.

For all questions regarding the English BA study plan, please contact Prof. Patrick Vincent.