Second-year and third-year BA courses 24/25

Please read our BA program description as well as the Plan d'études du Bachelor en Anglais carefully before selecting your courses.

* Please check pidho for official and updated information about rooms numbers.


Enseignements au choix      
Seminar 1: Language attitudes D. Correia Saavedra Tuesday 16-18 *
Seminar 2: Breton Lays: Stories of Love, Stories of Magic K. Rupp Thursday 14-16 *
Seminar 3: Early Modern Prose Fiction E. Depledge Monday 14-16 *
Seminar 4: 20th Century British Fiction P. Vincent Tuesday 10-12 *


Enseignements obligatoires      
Lecture course 3: Introduction to Early Modern Literature E. Depledge Thursday 12-14 *
Enseignements au choix      
Seminar 1: Language change D. Correia Saavedra Tuesday 16-18 *
Seminar 1: Introduction to Bilingualism M. Hilpert Tuesday 8-10 *
Seminar 4: Contemporary Nigerian Literature E. Depledge Thursday 8-10 *
Seminar 3: Gender and Courtship in Sixteenth and Seventeenth-Century Poetry E. Depledge Thursday 10-12 *
Seminar 4: Jane Austen and Lord Byron W. Edwards Tuesday 10-12 *
Seminar 4: Southern Gothic Fiction P. Vincent Tuesday 14-16 *

BA Seminar in Linguistics

As part of module Enseignements au choix (Upper-Division Linguistics), students are allowed to choose a BA Seminar among those offered in the Linguistics Institute, provided they submit their choice to Prof. Martin Hilpert.