CAS/DAS in Integrated Crop Management

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Integrated Crop Management (ICM) is a sustainable agricultural production system that improves overall crop health with minimal impact on the environment. It optimizes yield and profitability, and takes into consideration pest management, soil care, seed selection, crop nutrition, water management, rural economics, landscape management and agricultural policy. 

The University of Neuchâtel, in collaboration with the international not-for-profit organization CABI, offers three fully online CAS in ICM and which can be combined into a DAS upon completion of an additional technical report:

CAS 1: ICM – Sustainable Production Practices
CAS 2: ICM – Aspects of Implementation
CAS 3: ICM – Biological Control and Ecosystem Services

Icône CAS DAS3 CAS + 1 technical report = DAS


  • Provide knowledge in the field of sustainable agriculture.
  • Promote the adoption of sound crop management principles, in particular in developing countries.
  • Address global challenges related to agriculture such as food security, resource management and environmental change.

Target audience

  • Scientists
  • Teachers
  • Extension officers
  • Policy makers
  • Post graduate students

Admission conditions

Admission to one of the  CAS ICM
Persons holding a Bachelor’s degree from a Swiss higher education institution in Natural sciences or in agronomy or any degree judged equivalent;

Persons  with adequate professional training and at least three years of professional experience.

Admission to the DAS ICM

All holders of the three CAS ICM are eligible for the DAS, providing that the first CAS was obtained within five years before admission to the DAS.
Application for admission to the DAS can only be made at the same time as or after the application for admission to the third CAS.
Admission can be confirmed only after that the candidate has successfully completed their third CAS ICM.


Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS), 10 to 12 ECTS
Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS),  36 ECTS


See website


To apply for registration into one of the CAS ICM, please complete the online form available on the website and make sure to attach the required documents :
  • A one-page letter of motivation
  • Your curriculum vitae (max. two pages)
  • One letter of recommendation
  • A certificate of your English level (B2 level required)
  • A copy of your degree(s)
  • A copy of your passport
  • A passport-standard ID photograph

Please note that only online and complete applications (online form + all documents listed) will be considered.


CAS : CHF 3’950.- per CAS
DAS : CHF 2’000.-




Two new CAS-ICM programmes will be launched in September 2022 !

  • CAS 2: ICM – Aspects of implementation
  • CAS 3: ICM – Biological control and ecosystem services

Registration for these programmes is closed.

More info on website


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Responsable académique

Prof. Ted Turlings

Laboratory FARCE

University of Neuchâtel

Contact et informations

CABI, Delémont, Switzerland
Manfred Grossrieder

University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland